Overland Adventure - About US              

Overland Adventure is a motorcycle expedition company specializing in parts and accessories for Touring and long on and off road travel with passion for technical perfection and quality standards that make your dream trip possible.
In the maze of the massive amounts of parts and accessories offered in the market today, Overland Adventure invest time and capital testing products and parts to ensure that our product offering fits for purpose and reliable. The shelves of our warehouse are almost full of products that we will never use or offer. Some of these shelved products are well known brands and sure you can buy them everywhere but we will not offer it for sure. We would like to think of ourselves as the myth busters of motorcycle parts and accessories. We would use and abuse the products offered to you to differentiate between Gizmos and reliable and usable products and offer you only what we think is a good one. We have been known to smash stuff on hard ground to see whether it will do what it says it will do or not.
How did we get here, we traveled extensively by different means and with different gears on road and off road by Land Rovers, Motorcycles and an expedition prepared Unimog. We camped, trailed, dived and so on. Naturally we used equipment and gadgets while traveling and we got frustrated so many time with cheap and expensive stuff that we bought and it let us down.

That’s why we offer you the best on the market!