Syegon Central Tire Inflation System CITS

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SYEGON® is a Central Tire Inflation System that inflates and deflates tires while driving. 

Since 1986, SYEGON® is integrated in thousands of tactical or multi-purpose special vehicles; fielded in numerous countries all over the world. It is intensively used from Mauritania's or Argentina's Off-Road trails during Paris-Dakar Rally Race, to the Irak's or Afghanistan's hostile grounds.

Genuinely developped to provide a solution to military demands with respect to safety, reliability and long life-time, SYEGON® is successfully used for civilian applications : Rallye-Raid, agriculture, fire-fighting trucks and special vehicles. SYEGON® CTIS is the best solution to automatically adapt tyre pressure depending on the vehicle speed, the load (3 levels) and the road nature (4 types).

With the optimisation of the tyre footprint on the ground, SYEGON® increases the vehicle traction power, improving its mobility and consequently ncreasing passengers's security.

SYEGON® is successfull and distinct from other available CTIS due to the fact that it is :
- compliant to all the most recent military norms.
- able to control other items in relation with the vehicle (such as trailors, radar positions)
- able to create specific and customized functions or alarms
- able to make real time tire pressure and temperature measurement.

Available in 12Vdc or 24Vdc, SYEGON® main assets are :
- tire pressure control WHEEL by WHEEL, up to 5 axles;
- tire pressure ranges from 0,8 bars (11.6 PSI) up to 10 bars (145 PSI) in warm tires;
- warning of the driver in case of flat tires;
- pressure loss compensation in case of small leakages;
- isolation of damaged/flat tires in order to prevent emptying the air tank.

SYEGON® is a compact system, easy to integrate and to customize. Since 1986, SYEGON® is used on thousands of tactical or multi-role military vehicles, which are fielded all over the world, from Mauritania's or Argentina's Off-Road trails during Paris-Dakar Rally Race, to the Irak's or Afghanistan's hostile grounds.

Syegon R&D Support

With its own engineering team, specialized in CTIS since 1986, equipped with computing tools (means of calculations, 3D plans), SYEGON ® participates from the prototyping to the mass production stages of all your project. The team also offers a service of technical assistance during the calibration of the system:



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Technical advantages

SYEGON® CTIS, Central Tyre Inflation System, allows the safest wheeled-vehicle tire pressure management for various applications,  such as 4X4 All-Terrain Vehicles, tactical armoured trucks, Agriculture...). 
By an appropriate inflating and deflating of their tires, while they are moving, thousands of vehicles in operation all over the world, gain quicklly in mobility, whatever the environmental conditions (temperature, dust or pollution, humidity ratio).
SYEGON® provides the driver essential functions :

- Front Panel automatic lighting extinction (Black-Out)

- Front Panel Day/Night lighting

- High Frequency Tire Watch (triggered by the crew, in case of suspicion of tire leakage)

- Speed/tachometer connection

- Overspeed alarm 

Beyond the above "standard" functions and the mere optimized control of tire pressure, our engineering team were also concerned to give suitable answers to our client requests. This is why SYEGON® was developped in order to provide better :

  1. Reliability
  2. Crew safety
  3. Performance and life-time
  4. CTIS and vehicle lower costs of ownership
  5. Integration in the vehicle
  6. Optimisation vehicle resources(energy, compressed air)
  7. Customization of the CTIS, to communicate with other functions of the vehicle
  8. Answers to specific requirements, expressed by users of SYEGON®

Product range

SYEGON®, central tire inflation system, is able to control tire pressure wheel by wheel. SYEGON® can inflate and deflate tires while the vehicule is moving, providing safety and comfort to passengers. SYEGON®, is available in 4 versions in order to fit customers' various needs: 

1- Full Automativ Version




2- Half-Automatic Manual Version


3- Trailor Automatic Version



4- Transport Simplified Version







Choosing a type of terrain (out of 4) and a level of load (out of 3), the user changes automatically the target pressure of each tires, to a pre-programmed value (target pressure configuration stored in the EPCU, Electro Pneumatic Control System). Target pressure settings depends on the specifications of the vehicle. The axles of the vehicles can be given different target pressures for each combination Terrain/Load  (Syegon® can handle 3 groups of axle). Target pressure are given for 4 types of terrain and 3 levels of load, i.e. 12 different values for each group of axles.



Advantages Cautions
  • Pressure management  WHEEL by WHEEL
  • Automatic check with a periodicty defined by the customer
  • High Frequency Tire Watch, to decrease the automatic check periodicity during a time lapse defined by the customer (useful in case of leakage suspicion)
  • Detection and compensation of small leakages
  • Individual isolation of flat tires, without disturbing the other wheels of the vehicle
  • Alarm in case of Overspeed depending on the selected type of terrain and the level of load
Pressure are programmed according to the customer requirements.
Any changes afterwards is possible whether by returning the product or by acquiring Syegon Diagnostic Software Tool.


SYEGON  System Applications

SYEGON® CTIS, Central Tyre Inflation System fulfils customers' requirements of following applications:

  • Military: armoured logistics and tactical 4X4, 6X6, 8X8 et 10x10 (the latest on demand)
  • Fire fighting trucks and security (airport)
  • Rallye-Raid (Dakar), safari, tourism
  • Agriculture, tractor, trailer 
  • Road Long Haul  transport
  • Timber Transport